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Super Dancer Top 12 Contestants Names List with Photos and Profile

Posted by Sunny Kumar
Sony TV's Kids Talent Hunt Show in First Season, Super Dancer Buzzed nation by showcasing the dancing talent of kids contestants like never before. After selection of the Contestants in the Auditions Round now Top 12 Contestants will be Selected in Mega Auditions round. Here is the Names of Each Kids Contestants and There Pictures. Names of Kids Contestants with their Gurus names mentioned below.


Rithvik Dhanjani is the Host for Super Dancer Season 1 and He already Hosted the Kids reality show earlier and he is the great entertainer host of the country. Check out the list of Top 12 Selected Dancers Contestants of Super Dancer TV show on Sony.

Rishi Panchal, Bishal Sharma, Tanya, Ashish Das, Srijon Ghosh, Diya Bihani, Lakshman, Kritika, Pancham Bhagwati, Dipali Borkar, Ditya Sagar, Ananya Choksi, Harsh Dhara, Dev, Dhariya, Yogesh, Jitu and Varsha, Lakshya Sinha, Riya, Masum are the Selected Contestants after the Audiitons Round and now the Contestants who make it to the Top 12 after the Mega Auditions will be Added below.

Super Dancer top 12 Contestants Names with Pics and Profile (Dancers with Gurus)

1) Ashish Das - Lipsa
2) Dipali Borkar- Sonali
3) Ditya Sagar - Ruel
4) Harsh Prajapati - Anooja
5) Sidhant Damedhar - Shyam
6) Masoom - Palden
7) Mahi Soni - Sneha
8) Lakshman - Paul
9) Ananya Choksi - Amrita
10) Varsha Nishant
11) Yogesh - Vaibhav
12) Lakshya - Biki Das

Super Dancer in Stand by - Tanya Tomar, Harsh Dhara. Jayendra Kumar, Riya Sharma

Here in the Video you can meet all the Top 12 Dancers Contestants of Super Dancer.

Find the Names of All the Super Gurus Here. Don't Miss 'Super Dancer' reality show Saturday Sunday 8 PM on Sony Entertainment Television Channel.


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